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Everyone has a real office with a real door. So you can get some real work done.

WorkSPACE provides a stylish and efficient solution for individuals or small businesses. Rather than an open-coworking space, all suites are individual offices with doors and electronic keypad locks programmed with your own access code. To maximize resources, there are shared furnished lobbies for client waiting areas throughout the building, as well as kitchen space and conference rooms. Tenants may personalize their workspace or, furnished suite options are also available to ease the move-in process.

With a variety of office sizes to choose from, the average rent is roughly $525, but it can range from $300 per month for smaller offices to $825 for the largest office. Monthly office rent includes all utilities.  So, the only additional cost is the expense for phone and internet service, which can be contracted directly. Though the typical lease term is 12 months, other flexible short or long term options are available.

Furnished Offices

Most of the offices are furnished with a desk and guest chairs. A few of the offices are unfurnished for tenants who want to bring their own furniture. Officers are furnished with a desk, chairs, side table or file cabinet. This makes moving into your new office easy.

Unfurnished Offices

Though furnished options are available for workSPACE professionals, new tenants also have the option to move into an empty office to personalize their space by moving in their own furniture. Otherwise, the same amenities are included such as internet access, shared kitchen space, furnished lobby and conference room access.