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The stylish and modern office suites at workSPACE offer a host of top-tier amenities for hardworking individual or small business professionals.

  • Location, Parking & Security

    Located at a very high profile intersection with prime visibility, the office is easily located with easy access to route 315 near The Ohio State University campus. A large convenient parking lot is behind the building with multiple secure access points. Additionally, each office space has a programmable keypad with individual access codes.

  • Individual Private Offices (Furnished or Unfurnished)

    workSPACE provides only private offices with individual doors and keypad door locksMost offices at workSPACE are furnished with a desk, chairs, side table or file cabinet. This makes moving into your new office so easy. Tenants also have the option to bring their own furniture to personalize the space.

  • Easy Internet Connections

    Each office at workSPACE has been newly wired for high-speed internet access through our preferred provider.

  • Lobbies & Conference Rooms

    There are multiple well-furnished lobbies, conference rooms and meeting area options at workSPACE to serve meeting needs outside individual office space.